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Dub der guten Hoffnung // Graz Edition // 21.11.2014 Forum Stadtpark

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Dub der guten Hoffnung // Graz Edition

reggae // dub // dubstep // steppas // jungle

This time powered by the mighty DUBBING SUN SOUNDSYSTEM, with a lineup you can trust with your old time Dub der guten Hoffnung veterans Darkwing Dub & Jahcobe joining forces with new musical ambassadors like Dubbing Sun, Kulix, Osk Mixer Coolman and Dub Dado. Maximum respect for heavy organisational support to the man called Flo Rapoostra Dub

▸▸▸ It’s not only a dance it’s a movement ▸▸▸

Existing since 2011, Dub der guten Hoffnung has now made it’s way from Berlin to Graz (Austria). The event is all about unity, about conscious Reggae music and soundsystem culture. We have the dream to bring people together who share a common way of living tolerance, love and respect. At every session a hand crafted Soundsystem will bring the right vibes to get the People moving and also give tribute to this culture. Strictly Conscious Reggae music haffi play.

Dub der guten Hoffnung entstand 2011 in Berlin und hat nun den Sprung nach Graz geschafft. Die Veranstaltungsreihe bietet einen Raum für Gemeinschaft, Conscious Reggae Musik und Soundystem Kultur. Wir haben den anspruchsvollen Traum, Menschen zusammenzubringen, die es verbindet, Toleranz, Liebe und Respekt zu leben. Bei jedem Zusammentreffen wird ein handgefertigtes Soundsystem die richtigen Schwingungen erzeugen, um so die Menschen in Bewegung zu bringen und die Ursprünge dieser Kultur zu würdigen.

▸▸▸ LINEUP: ▸▸▸

► Dubbing Sun (Dubbing Sun Records, Dub der guten Hoffnung / Kärnten)

► Dub Dado (Graz)

► Coolman pon the microphone (Dub der guten Hoffnung / Graz)

► Kulix (Dub der guten Hoffnung / Graz)

► Osk Mixer (Dub der guten Hoffnung/ Graz)

► Kraut Brovaz aka Jahcobe & Darkwing Dub (Dub der guten Hoffnung, Breakery, Lions Den / Graz, Berlin)


▸▸▸ INFO: ▸▸▸

21.11.2014 // 22:00 // FORUM STADTPARK // Graz
Eintritt // Admission: 5 – 10 € (zahl wie viel du kannst // pay what you can afford)

Kraut Brovaz @ Local Jungle Heroes /// 20.09.2014 /// Forum /// Graz

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Big session coming up with one of our most favorite dubwise producers Mooncat outta Spain. A great party in 2 locations in the green heart of Graz hosted by our good friends the Schallware family. Kraut Brovaz will be playing a 2 hours Rub a Dub and early Digikal warmup paying some respect to the roots of Jungle music.

Forum Stadtpark:
Mooncat (Step Express / Esp)
Steady Rock (Gut Aufgelegt / Vienna)
Kraut Brovaz (Breakery, Dub der guten Hoffnung)
Osk Mixer (Schallware / Esp)
Tinka Beat (Schallware)

Solo Premium
Sto¥c (Bassment Collective)
Robbe (Schallware)
Insitu (Schallware)
Frank Assit (Schallware)

Breakery hosts Kornspeicher Stage @ Peal Festival /// 06. & 05.09.14 /// Route 69

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We will be hosting the Kornspeicher Stage at this years Peal Festival.
There will be many great sessions inna roots & culture style with our breddrins from Dubbing Sun Soundsystem, Kulix, Osk Mixer and for sure your hosts the incredible Kraut Brovaz ;)

Stage powered by the mighty Dubbing Sun Soundsystem.

Kraut Brovaz @ Sulm.URI Soli Party /// 13.06.2014 /// Sub /// Graz

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FR. 13.06. Beginn 17 Uhr

Die Schwarze Sulm hält nach wie vor viele Naturschützer und Umweltaktivisten auf Trapp. Mit der Klage der EU und dem Bekenntnis vom neuen Umweltminister zur sehr guten Wasserqualität der Schwarzen Sulm ist ein seltener Erfolg gelungen. Jedoch wird das Naturschutzgebiet, sowie die Existenz von vier Aktivisten nach wie vor durch die Kraftwerksbauer bedroht. Durch absurde Schadenersatzforderungen sollen Naturschützer mundtot gemacht werden. Die Soliparty soll die Gelegenheit bieten zusammenzukommen, zu diskutieren und die Rettung der Schwarzen Sulm sowie die vier beklagten Aktivisten zu unterstützen.

Bands [20:00 - 24:00]

the Rosetti Sisters (
Juju Men (
Stroppy Kitten (
Dwarven Gold Corp
Steven Weiss

DJS [00:00 - 06:00]

Kulix (natural sound)
Kraut Brovaz aka Jah Cobe & Darkwing Dub (BREAKERY, Dub der guten Hoffnung, Lion’s Den)
Osk Mixer & Tinka Beat (Fokin Massive, BOMBACLUB, Schallware)

mehr infos auf:
artwork & layout:

Darkwing Dub @ Dub der guten Hoffnung /// 10.05.13 /// Keller

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Following a brief period of I-bernation and creativity, Dub der guten Hoffnung returns pon di scene with two of UK Jungle’s rising stars and a brand new location !!

During the last few years Brighton natives Dialect & Kosine have been making big waves in the international Jungle scene, with high-quality releases on some of the UK’s foremost labels, including Congo Natty, On-U Sound, Reggae Roast and their own imprint Jungle Alliance Recordings.

With their unique, fresh take on Jungle – incorporating a combined total of over 30 years production experience, and a lifetime affinity for rolling basslines, souped up breakbeats and original vocals – Dialect & Kosine are sure to set the dance on fire!

::::::::::::::JUNGLE IST MASSIVE::::::::::::::

[Jungle Alliance Recordings / Congo Natty / On U Sound // Brighton, UK]

/// MC DO ///
[Asian Trouble Tribe // Berlin]

[Blackboard Jungle / Dub Chamber Recordings // Dresden]

[B(re)akery / DubDerGutenHoffnung // Graz, AT]

[Urban Bass / DubDerGutenHoffnung // Berlin)

:::::::::DUB STEPPIN' OUTTA BABYLON:::::::::

/// FauN ///
[DubDerGutenHoffnung / Serendubity // Berlin]

/// FREYTAKT ///
[DubDerGutenHoffnung // Berlin]

/// MR. NARCI ///
[DubDerGutenHoffnung / Zwischenraum // Berlin]


[Jungle Alliance / Congo Natty / On-U Sound / Reggae Roast // UK]

Brighton based duo Dialect and Kosine have well over 30 years experience between them in producing various genres of music including Jungle, D&B and Reggae.

In 2011 they had 2 major vinyl releases; 1 on Congo Natty Records (Get Ready – Congonatty021) and the other on On U Sound Records (Spongy Rubber Dub Dubmaster ft Lee Scracth Perry on the Nu Sound and Version – On U Sound 30 yr Anniversary Double Album) – Which both recieved superb reviews across the Globe.

Dialect & Kosine have also produced tracks for their own independant record label called ‘Jungle Alliance Recordings’ – One of the UK’s Latest Record labels, releasing Heavyweight Jungle Music on Vinyl!!;

They started the Label as a way to release their own unique style of production and rolling Jungle tuneage on limited edition 12″ vinyl and digital download!!

Since then they haven’t stopped, consistently releasing music on wax that people across the world enjoy listening to, mixing and dancing to in dancehalls, festivals, vehicles and homes in every country, town and city…

Dialect & Kosine have also worked on projects for crews worldwide including: Fogata Sounds, Dub Pistols, On U Sound, Bush Chemists, Super Fly Studio & Dreadsquad, Conscious Sounds, Reggae Roast and more tracks for Congo Natty’s latest label: Congo Natty Bass.

These guys have a real passion for producing tight, rolling Jungle music with an authentic sound.. and have sold well over 8,000 copies of vinyl worldwide – Proving that they are here to stay and are fully commited to bringing back that original jungle sound to the people and to the dance floor’s globally.

With a superb release schedule in place and many heavyweight Jungle productions and remixes completed – expect to hear a lot more from this pair and the Label in 2013/14 – both on vinyl and on digital download.

/// INFO ///

location: Kultstätte KELLER / Karl-Marx-Straße 52
U7 Rathaus Neukölln

gates open: 23:00
admission: 6-8€

for more info visit:

Kraut Brovaz @ Beatboxx in Dub /// 17.05.2014 /// CIK /// Klagenfurt

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!!! powered by a heavyweight Soundsystem !!!
Dubbing Sun Soundsystem & Irie Subsetters Soundsystem inna combination…

===== [rise up dub] =====

[Moonshine Recordings / Dubbed Out // Gdansk, PL]

LION’S DEN [Ras Lion ls. Kali Green & konTa]
[Lion's Den / DubDerGutenHoffnung / Serendubity // Berlin]


[Dubbing Sun Recs. / Strictly Dub Recs. // Kärnten]

[Südmassive / Beatboxx // Kärnten]

===== [jungle / dancehall] =====

[B[re]akery / Dub der guten Hoffnung // Steiermark / Berlin]

[Massive Vybe // Wien]


(((((( MAY THE BEAT BE WITH U ))))))

Kraut dub siren

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Hear this. First version of the cutsom built kraut dub siren. some details missing, but working. hear it in action at our upcoming shows…

Kraut Brovaz @ Beatboxx /// 19.04.2014 /// BIG CIK /// Klagenfurt

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►►►►►► ⒻⓁⓄⓄⓇ ① ►►►►►►
**Reggae -Dancehall- Hip Hop – Jungle**

✈ ✈ RAGGA TWINS (uk) ✈ ✈
✈ ✈ FITTA WARRI the Vanguard Leader (jam) ✈ ✈
♫♫ more TBA ♫♫

►►►►►► ⒻⓁⓄⓄⓇ ② ►►►►►►
***Drum & Bass – DubStep – Jungle(warm up)***

♫♫ PANDORA (Switch/Mainframe)
♫♫ more TBA ♫♫

►►►►►► ⒻⓁⓄⓄⓇ ③ ►►►►►►
*** DUB -SteppaDub- Bass Music -RaggaTek ***

♫♫ DARKWING DUB ls JAH COBE (Stmrk / Berlin) (Dub der guten Hoffnung / Breakery)
♫♫ DCone (Stereofreezed Sound)
♫♫ more TBA ♫♫

Kraut Brovaz @ Local Jungle Heroes /// 15.03.2014 /// Forum /// Graz

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Almost all Jungle veterans outa Graz on this lineup:

MoFyah (Bombaclub)
Osk Mixer (Bombaclub, Schallware)
Kraut Brovaz (Brakery, Dub der guten Hoffnung)
Tinka Beat (Gut Aufgelegt, Schallware, Bombaclub)
Irok (Bombaclub, Breakery)
visuals: Mo:Ya

15.03.2014 @ Forum Stadtpark
admission 5€

Kraut Brovaz @ Beatboxx /// 21.12.2013 /// BIG CIK /// Klagenfurt

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–> BIG CIK/Künstlerhaus/Klgft < --

✈ ✈ Dr. RING DING (Ger)✈ ✈
✈ ✈ DREADSQUAD (Pol) ✈ ✈
✈ ✈ FLECK (Greece) ✈ ✈
♫♫ DARKWING DUB ls JAH COBE (aka Kraut Brovaz) (Stmrk/Berlin)
♫♫ and many more....

all info here: facebook

Kraut Brovaz @ Alles gut /// 29.11.2013 /// Sub /// Graz

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Kraut Brovaz
B.L.O. (disko 404)
Mike Fidel (disko 404)

sub / kaiser-franz-josef-kai 66 / graz
more info:

Darkwing Dub @ Togtrama Q Stoi /// 31.10.2013 /// Frohnleiten

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Einlass: ab 19:00
Beginn: 20:30
Ort auf GMaps:

- the one and only DABS
- The Flaming Dugongs
- Darkwing Dub (Breakery, Dub der guten Hoffnung)

Kraut Brovaz @ Schallware /// 12.10.2013 /// Parkhouse /// Graz

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Der Sommer geht, der Herbst zieht herein und um doch noch den sommerlichen Gefühlen fröhnen zu können, lädt die Schallware zu einem liquid Takeover in das FORUM STADTPARK und in das Parkhouse Graz ein.

Während deepe Beats das Forum zum beben bringen, werden alle Tanzwütigen zu späterer Stunde im Parkhouse mit mitreissendem Jungle DnB verwöhnt.


BIG BUD (good looking rec | soundtrax || UK)
ROYGREEN&PROTONE (liquid V | fokuz || Wien)
MiSsuki (schallware | Graz)
In.Situ (schallware | Graz)
Stoic (bassment collective | schallware || Graz)
Illip (massive playground | KbF || Graz)



Karli Primus (bassment collective || Graz)
Black Owl (mo:ya || Graz)
Frank Assit (mo:ya || Graz)
Tinka Beat (gut aufgelegt | schallware || Graz)
Osk (schallware || Graz)
Irok (bombaclub ||Graz)
Kraut Brovaz (breakery || Graz)


Visual concepts and projections by [mo:ya]

more info: